Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's Always Room For Jello

All day long I've had the Dead Kennedys' "California Uber Alles" stuck in my head. Do you think that in 1979, when Jello Biafra sang the words

I am Governor Jerry Brown
My aura smiles
And never frowns
Soon I will be president...

that he had any idea that 32 years later the same dude would be back in the California governor's mansion? Shit, that was the year I was born, and Jerry Brown had already been in office for four years! Of course Jello was wrong; Brown never did ascend to the presidency (neither did Biafra, losing the 2000 Green Party nomination to Ralph Nader.) "California Uber Alles" isn't exactly a glowing ode to Brown's leadership, so I'm guessing Jello has not been silent on the subject. My guess is he's already updating the song for 2011, having already changed it once for Governor Schwarzenegger.


Courtney said...

Well, I think it's nice that the punk movement is so politically active.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told you that when you have your beard, you look like the gay guy, obviously the smaller one, on Modern Family?


Julie said...

I could get this song out of your head, but it would require getting another (probably more obnoxious) song stuck in your head. Choose wisely.

A Free Man said...

I've had this song in my head lately as well, but not because of the California governor's race. I've managed to avoid American political news for the most part this year with the exception of the occasional comedy sketch. Witches and what not.