Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Among Many Other Things...

Are you?

As long as we're talking stickers, here's the one you get if you go to perhaps the most inspired roadside attraction in all of Georgia:

And where does one become a Goat Ranger?

Duh. Goats on the Roof! Where they feature... (drum roll, please)... GOATS!... on the ROOF!

Yeah, it's pretty much the best thing ever. Of course the buildings beneath the goats provide you with many ways to part with your money, the best of which are coin operated goat-food dispensers for loading up the hand or pedal crank goat feeders. How else would you feed goats on the roof?

These two were showing off with some full-on head-banging, horn-locking goat shenanigans. But don't worry about the goats; they have access to the ground and (thanks to Courtney) are very well fed.

And as long as we're talking roadside attractions, here's my favorite: Carhenge, western Nebraska.

In summation, election day = rooftop goats = half-buried Detroit steel. Any questions?