Friday, September 12, 2008

Mo' money mo' problems

Per my promise made Tuesday, I'm on the hook for one more post this week. This is it.

For someone so generally lacking in monetary wealth, you may find it odd that I employ two separate banks to handle what meager funds I do have. I think it's a little weird too. I promise there's a very good reason for this. See, back when the lady and I first moved in together, we had relocated to a strange and distant land called Kentucky. Kentucky did not have the bank we each previously employed, forcing us to change. Come to think of it, Kentucky is lucky to have any banks at all. I think the people there generally just barter in chickens and dip-spit.

Anyway, knowing there was the possibility that I might be leaving for even stranger and more distant lands in the service of our National Parks, I chose the most widespread financial institution represented in our part of southwestern Kentucky. Unfortunately, widespread in this case does not include Knoxvegas. In the meantime, however, I became reliant on a credit card that happened to be sponsored by my bank, allowing me to transact all financial business on one single web page. This has made me very reluctant to switch banks. Also, I'm just really lazy.

Recently I have opened an account with a bank that has branches all over Knoxville so that I may deposit and withdraw cash without having to drive 45 minutes for the privilege (assuming I had any cash to deposit or withdraw.) Thus the two banks. I'm still attached to the convenience of my one-stop bill pay, but I think I may be ready to shift that over to my new bank or maybe just get a new credit card with some kick-ass rewards and suck up any inconveniences.

The point of this whole boring tale is to ask the following of my dear readers: Do any of you have a rockin' credit card that returns 1% or greater in cash or equivalent (useful) rewards? I'm getting a fat 1% back now and I'd like to do better if I can.

(Oh, and yeah- I know the title of the post doesn't really fit my situation. The mo' money I have, the less problems I have. But I like saying it.)


JustinS said...

What's the chicken/dip-spit/dollar exchange rate these days? Looking for something to invest in, what with the piss poor dollar and all.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Dude, pretty much all I know is Bank of America sucks a whole lot. If you find out anything good, please pass on the information because I am pretty tired of ATM fees.

Chris said...

I hate to piss on your parade --- well, maybe I don't hate it, but I feel a little bad about it --- but those rewards credit cards really screw the local retailers where you use the card. They have to pay for those rewards in higher transaction fees.

Of course, if you only use the card for online bill paying and not at the local retailers, then I think that's swell.

Otherwise, sorry, no recommendations.

Anonymous said...

you get the best reward at the sperm bank. if you meet their requirements, you will have more fun making a deposit their than you ever did at your other crapy banks. then after the deposit, you get paid. its the best give and take relationship out there.


Aaron said...

I'm with NPDubya on this one. If you find anything useful out, pass it along, because BoftheA sucks harder than a Dyson.

Jacob said...

Get a job ya lousy bum!

Oh wait, you had the indecency to get caught without a job just as the economy turned South. You're going to turn into a welfare queen.

Allie said...

I use a regional bank chain that probably doesn't exist down there. Supposedly, for credit rating purposes, you are never supposed to get rid of your first credit card. You don't have to use it, but you shouldn't close it. Probably worth researching a little more before you get rid of that card.

Julie said...

I bank with Bank of America and I'm pretty satisfied with them. I have ATMs all over that make it convenient. And I like their website.

Credit card, though? Not so much. I have one with them, but prefer to use my AMEX Blue card or Discover. You generally have to commit to one card, though, because the more we spend on the AMEX, the higher percentage on the rewards.

I also have a savings account with ING and they have a checking account now that's supposed to be pretty good. I suggest giving it a try. That's where I'd go if I were starting from scratch.