Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hey, at least I'm posting

My lady and I just went to the downtown theater and saw Iron Man. Pretty cool, kids, pretty cool. I'm gonna get me one of them nifty suits. Then you'll all be sorry.

While watching the girlfriend purchase tickets (that's how pimps roll, yo), I had a chance to admire some of the equipment I've been dealing with behind the scenes in my new showbiz job. Actually, I'm ashamed to be able to tell you the make of the ticket printer that spit out our tickets. I should not know things like that. It's really none of my business. Except it is, temporarily.

Anyway, I've apparently got nothing to blog about this week except my temp job, so I'll continue. We've been going through boxes of outdated equipment that has been shipped back, and that includes lots of cash drawers from registers. What would you do if you had a box full of used cash drawers to process? That's right, you'd take the bastards apart to see if there's any cash left in them. Let me tell you: there is. There are about ten of us and we've been treated to lunch the past two days by careless teenage theater employees whose tills must have been a wee bit off on a shift or two. A hundred dollar bill was found in one, and that wasn't even half of the total bounty. So far.

If I was $100 short after my shift scooping popcorn, I'd start by looking behind the drawer. That shit'll get you fired. Heh, I just made a contraction out of shit. Awesome.


Aaron said...

I am weirdly jealous of your recent stint behind the scenes of Hollywood-via-the-cineplex. But then again I am off, brain-wise.

sid said...

No way. Agh, lucky you.
So Ironman is good?

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Holy crap. Who are these dipshits? That is like the first thing they teach you in cash register school.

Allie said...

Wow. It's pretty cool when dumb teenagers buy you lunch unknowingly.

I really liked Iron Man but was totally disturbed by the audience reaction, which demonstrated a lack of understand of who the "bad guys" actually were and what was going on in the movie in general. The people sitting around us lacked general comprehension skills, yet they probably vote and think global warming is a farce because the guy on Fox News said it was, and that anyone who isn't American is evil. It scared me. It was The Simpsons Movie all over again. We need to find a movie theatre in a more liberal neighborhood. And I think I've been spouting about this all week, but it shook me to my core, man.

Okay, end of rant, (and yes, I know I should get my own personal blog instead of ranting in your comments. Sorry!)

ck said...

so you're kind of like an archaeologist of low-paying jobs. and you get to keep the artifacts you find!
i temped in an it dept. one summer, and i know those free coworker lunches must have been super awkward.

Courtney said...

Allie: From what I could tell, the people in our theater got it. I mean, by the end it's clear who the real bad guy is. At least I think they got it.

Cool movie, though. I just love that Robert Downey Jr.

surviving myself said...

If you get the Iron Man suit please come by a bar I'm at and just hang out. I want to impress my friends.

Noelle said...

It's why the popcorn is so damn expensive. The cash drawers just eat those $100 bills.

Sometimes I'll look around a room that I'm in and think about all the people who designed, made, sold and distributed all the stuff I had. It's a lot of people, yo.

Meaghan said...

Man! Coming up $100 short WOULD get you fired. When I worked at a grocery store, if you were more than $5 over or under, you got written up. Three write-ups and you were sent out the door. Kind of strict but when you're running a business...

Oh, and just so you all know, The Incredible Hulk is coming out this summer (the sequel to the first). The star? Not some beefed up muscle man. Nope, it's Edward Norton. But I have a geek crush on him, so I'm DEFINITELY watching it.

The Modern Gal said...

Wouldn't that $100 come out of said dumb teen's own pocket?

Allie said...

Courtney: Thank you. It makes me feel better to know that.

Chris said...

My question is: Who pays with a $100 bill at a movie theater?

Mickey said...

aaron- I'm a bit off, too.

sid- Yup, it is.

dutchess- You went to cash register school, too?

allie- Oh, I don't mind a rant. I know what you mean about entire theaters full of people just not getting it.

ck- That's right, I'm an archeologist.

courtney- Yeah, that guy needs to stay sober and keep doing films.

surviving myself- If you buy the beer.

noelle- You always have a funny way of looking at things. We appreciate it.

meaghan- Not a sequel. More like a do-over, with different people in charge.

modern gal- I sure hope not. That would be about two weeks' pay.

chris- Have you been to the movies in...ever? That gets you about 2 popcorns, 4 drinks and some Twizzlers.

JustinS said...

I use hundred dollar bills for everything. Buying theater tickets, at the Taco Bell drive-thru, writing notes to the kids, sniffin' blow, wiping my arse, fashioning makeshift blowguns to shoot poison darts into the eyes of my enemies... You name it.

J-Money said...

We were a nickel short in the register today but I noticed that we had a 1945 wheat penny (street value: $0.05) so I called it even and went home.

Also, Iron Man made me tingle in my no-no place. Or maybe it was all the Sour Patch Kids and 94 ounces of soda.

nancypearlwannabe said...

How does one forget there is an extra $100 sitting around? Isn't $100 like $1,000,000 to a pimply teenager working at a movie theater?

But hey, never look a gift lunch in the mouth.

Julie said...

Jobs that have extras and perks like free lunches make said miserable job more bearable. Woohoo for you.

Mickey said...

justins- I have dedicated tools for all of those things.

jmoney- In the house!

npw- Wise words.

julie- It's not even miserable. And the free food keeps coming.