Monday, March 9, 2009

Doing my duty

Which is to say I'm whoring my blog out for my girlfriend.

Courtney has a new anyony-blog that she's put together for our enjoyment. It's called They Took My Stapler and it's a clearing house for all the wacky work-related stories you're too afraid to share on your own blog. This retribution-free zone promises to provide us all not only with an outlet, but with a place we can reliably go to laugh at the misfortunes that other people's career choices have brought them. Suckers.

I admit to having penned the first entry, under duress, while Courtney stood over me and watched. She was quite insistent and even suggested the subject, one I believe I may have already shared on this blog. Today, however, marks the first anonymous, e-mail submitted contribution and I strongly suggest you all go check it out and consider adding your own tales of workplace woe to what Courtney promises will be a consistent dose of hilarity, five days a week.

Be there or be square.


nancypearlwannabe said...

In case you didn't already know, your girlfriend is a genius.

Meaghan said...

As soon as all links to the new blog are gone, I'll participate!

courtney said...


Thanks for the pimpage, though. Oh, and Meaghan: The blog is totally anonymous, so it shouldn't matter if the links are up on our personal blogs. There would still be no way to trace it back to you. Just want to make sure everyone understands that.

mongoliangirl said...

Did someone say whoring and pimpage and stories about stupid shit you've done at work? I'm so there!

Julie said...

Geez, Mickey. Way to denonymize the blogging.