Friday, March 13, 2009

And I got my tax refund today! Real money!

How great was that comment from Anonymous yesterday? At the outset I figured it was somebody from the state tourism board making a pitch. I was invited for a visit! How neighborly! Then it took a weird passive-aggressive turn and I believe at one point it was inferred that I am a "misinformed greenie." Aren't "greenies" slang for amphetamines? Or maybe Martian invaders?

And wasn't the purpose of my post to trumpet how great Wyoming is and how much I'm looking forward to moving there? Something must have gotten lost in translation. I guess I need to brush up on my English to Wyoming dictionary. And get myself some leather chaps. (That last sentence has multiple layers of meaning. Think about it and I'm sure my genius will reveal itself.)

Julie actually made a good (and grammatically correct) point when she agreed with Anonymous about my assessment of the energy industry as "recession proof." Of course nothing is really recession proof, so I shouldn't have exaggerated, but I should have specified the energy extraction industry, which is what much of the local Wyoming economy is based upon. That seems to be going gangbusters, which is a word I like to use but which makes no sense to me at all.

Did I just get duped into discussing the economy? Shit. Sorry.

Last night the lady and I met the Modern Gal at the Pilot Light here in K-Town for some rock'n'roll music. The show was supposed to start at 10, but the first band, Deastro, had van trouble and was late, starting their short set around 11. We had plenty of time to sit around the tiny venue and drink beer and chat with Jon Burr, the lead singer of the second act, How I Became the Bomb. After I got his attention I was shocked when he immediately remembered my name from having met him last summer in Chattanooga (although Courtney suggested that a mutual friend of ours may have told him I'd be there.) Whatever, I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone someone's name from nine months ago. Later, he impressed further when he handed the Modern Gal and I each a beer. Nice guy.

Deastro was good and apparently came all the way from Detroit without anywhere to stay as they asked the small crowd if anyone could give them a place to roll out their sleeping bags for the night. This made me feel good about giving them five bucks for a CD. Detroit needs our help. I should have asked them what the make of their broken-down van was.

How I Became the Bomb was great, again. Completely unlike any of the other music I listen to. Maybe that's why I like them. Or maybe it's the personal connection. These guys play tight, hook-laden pop tunes heavy on the keyboards and outer-space metaphors. And they clearly enjoy it.

HIBTB's music is available for free on their website. You have no reason not to check it out.


Julie said...

Really, Mickey? No reason? Don't you know laziness always wins!

I did check out the video you posted earlier. It was very entertaining. I have already been to one concert this month, though, and I stayed out until 4:30 am so my hipster cred is already used up for the foreseeable future.

Erin said...

Thank you for reminding me of the word gangbusters! Every time I hear it, I think I need to contribute to its revival in everyday use, but then I forget after an hour.

Do they still have those camels in the baseball field in Chattanooga?

Anonymous said...

You are in the right. i did get a little agressive for no reason. The point was to talk about how nice Wyoming was and I bet you weren't imagining you'd soon be slandered by a resident insinuating your an environmentalist. So that is what a greenie is so you don't have to catch up on any more Wyoming terms. I think its just the'coal sux' tone of your site sorta caught me backwards. Wyomimng takes constant crap from out-of-state (and in-state) anti-coal folks. I just don't get it - do they know that coal and petroleum are the basis of everything: glue, nail polish, pantyhose, shoes, make-up, laundry detergent, cds, anything plastic, tires, clothes and the list goes on and on. So I instantly get rubbed the wrong way when I hear it sux. I am all for new innovative alternative energy programs that reduces our consumption of the fossil fuels...but its just not going to happen overnite. Or over many nights....its going to be decades and decades and decades before alternative energy even supplies 20percent of our nation's energy. People don't get that.

Stefanie said...

Not that it has anything whatsoever to do with your post, but when you said "Jon Burr," I thought, "Wasn't he the guy who shot Alexander Hamilton?" And then I remembered no, that was Aaron Burr. And then I wondered why on earth I knew that, and I traced it to a 1980s commercial for... something. And now it is driving me nuts that I can't remember commercial for WHAT. I know it was some sort of food... Anyone? Bueller? Help me out here.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Saw your comment over at Poor Penmanship and came here to take a peek. Dammit! Why do you have to be so funny?

Now my laundry will remain undone while I look over all your cleverness.

Julie said...

I think it was peanut butter or milk. I believe there was a guy that had just taken a big bite of PB (or a PB&J - not sure) and a radio station had a trivia question and the answer was Aaron Burr. This is why it may have been a milk commercial and not peanut butter. If only he'd had milk then he could have taken a swig and answered correctly and won a ton of money.

I hope that helps, Stefanie. It will at least give you more to google.

Stefanie said...

Julie, yes! That is exactly the commercial I'm thinking of. I remembered it was a guy with his mouth full who couldn't answer the radio trivia question because of that, but I didn't remember what it was for. Milk is quite likely correct. Thank you. :-)

Stefanie said...

OK, obviously I should Google BEFORE I comment. Julie, you are correct.

Sorry, Mickey, for cluttering your comments with that unrelated mystery. Carry on. :-)

courtney said...

Yes! That commercial is the only reason I know that Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton. And every time I see the name Aaron Burr, I think of it as "Aawon Buhh! Aawon Buhh!" Man, that was an educational commercial. Thank you, milk advertisers.

Wait, what was this post about again?

Oh, and Anonymous? I must jump in to defend my man's honor here, so I just want to let you know that if you're meaning to use "environmentalist" or "greenie" as a derogatory term, you are in the wrong place, my friend. We hug trees 'round these parts.

Chris said...

Mickey got called an environmentalist. That hurts.

While Anonymous makes good points that petroleum and coal are vital parts of our present-day lifestyles, the important counterpoint that we greenies embrace is that our present-day lifestyles need major changes to slow down the damage that we're doing to the earth, in the form of pollution and depletion of limited natural resources. If people don't complain about the problems of coal-mining and oil-drilling, as well as the pollution made from their burning as fuel, then nothing will ever change. And unfortunately, many of the major cultural changes in our history have required government action and regulation to get them started. That's why greenies advocate for government intervention in these issues.

It is not now and might never be preferable or more profitable for the business community to pursue environmentally friendly practices, but there is a more important underlying cost that companies overlook, because they don't have to write a check for it. That is the environmental cost of their actions. Some form of government tax or restriction is perhaps the only way to include that environmental impact cost in a business's profit-and-loss calculations.

The Modern Gal said...

I guess Anonymous doesn't know that coal is a big part of what makes the world turn in Tennessee as well. oh well.

Any band that buys me a drink is a band friend of mine, so thank you for introducing me to HIBTB. I shall keep my eyes out for them in your absence (and see if they remember me. If they don't, I'll just name-drop your name.)