Saturday, November 8, 2008

Boobies never hurt any movie. Total Recall, anyone?

It's weird posting on weekends. I know I have to write something (the NaBloPoMo gods are not the kinds of dieties you want to tempt; they are petty and wrathful), but I also know that not many of my legions of faithful readers are going to read what I put up here on a Saturday or Sunday. That's why I write crap.

Speaking of crap, which I did yesterday describing the completely inept movie The Happening, Courtney and I washed that bad taste out of our mouths today when we took in a matinee showing of Role Models at the downtown theater. Funny movie. It's basically Paul Rudd acting like every other cynical and dry Paul Rudd character and Sean William-Scott trotting out Stifler once again. Lucky for both of them neither has gotten old for me. And neither has repetitive use of the words fuck and boobies. Good for a laugh every time.

Truly, the movie was fucking hilarious.

M. Night Shyamalan should watch it and take notes and consider casting Stifler or McLovin in his next movie and then let Paul Rudd or director David Wain help him write it. Or better yet, just not make any more movies.

And that's all I have today. It's Saturday, so what do you want? Now go away and let me watch the football game and eat some ice cream. No, I know I didn't do anything to deserve any ice cream, but I'm having some anyway so deal.

(Special thanks to Courtney for telling me how to use HTMLMNOP to make something italicized in my blog title. She's so freakin' awesome.)


Courtney said...

I'm glad McLovin is still finding work. It's a very specific type of role that kid can play, so it's good he's milking it while he can.

Julie said...

FYI - it does not make Mondays any better if you write crap all weekend and expect us to read it on Monday. You should save your best stuff for Mondays. When we really need it.

Aaron said...

Saturday posts are a bitch.

Jacob said...

You know that you need to get more of a life when you are so bothered by not properly italicizing a movie title in your subject line that you have to ask someone to teach you something so you can fix it.

And I think the lady with three boobs in Total Recall was my first experience with human breasts after I was weaned off of breast milk. Either that or it was in The Hunt for Pink October.

Stefanie said...

I am glad both you and Courtney gave an enthusiastic thumbs up on this one. I love me some Paul Rudd, but I still wasn't sure if this one was going to be worth it or not. Glad to hear my imaginary boyfriend isn't going to let me down.

The Modern Gal said...

Does M. Night Shamalamadingdong still make movies? I stopped noticing like three or four years ago.

Chris said...

Has there been another three-boobed woman in a movie? I'm afraid this is a bit of trivia that's going to haunt me until I learn the answer, yet I'm confident the Internet will steer me in a different sort of direction if I try to search out the truth.

Allie said...

Courtney is freaking awesome. You know I'm totally holding out hope for you guys to move to Ithaca.

I love Paul Rudd. And I pretty much love movies that are geared to 12 year old boys. My sense of humor isn't as sophisticated as I wish it were.

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