Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In which I chime in late

Alright- I'm going to try to squeeze out a post here. I think I've been suffering from some massive blog-block the last few weeks and I can't fully explain it. There have even been times when I've opened up this new-post window and started typing, only to backspace the whole thing and close my laptop. I'm fighting the urge to do that right now.

I guess I need to set a goal: I will post three more times this week, regardless of whether I have anything to say. That's right: a post a day from now right on through Friday.

We'll see how it goes.

I think I'll start by catching up on what the lady friend and I have been up to recently. If I can get that out of the way maybe I can move on to more standard blog-fare, like how Mitt Romney suddenly doesn't look like such a scary idea after all. It turns out he wasn't conservative enough for the McCain ticket. Holy shit. (Not to be confused with Government shit. Never the twain shall meet, according to the founding fathers, an idea apparently lost on the religious right.)

Whoa. Back to catching up: My lady and I spent a lovely day on Sunday with my parents, battling the ferocious waves and deadly hydraulics of the Ocoee River. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but it sure was fun. Nobody drowned or even got tossed from the raft. Our guide even had me sit up on the nose of the boat with my feet hanging over the front ("riding the bull" as he called it) through two of the gnarliest rapids. You can check out pictures of the first set here. Please note the good form near the end when I decided to go one-handed. That's my dad right behind me and Courtney and my mom in the back. The people in the middle were a rather dim older couple from Florida. It was a fun time. Sucks for the people who made other plans rather than go with us.

Also, my dad gave us an internet router they no longer need to use with our newly acquired (and paid for) internet connection. Now we can both surf the webs at the same time! Isn't technology amazing?! And let's hear it for free hand-me-downs from our parents! Hooray!

The up has now been caught. Back to more serious matters: I've said all along that I hoped McCain got the GOP nomination, even though I will not be voting for him. Lesser of evils and all that. Now, however, should he win the election I will be praying for his health (in my own, crazy, non-religious way, that is - which is to say I'll be fervently hoping he doesn't croak). Don't be fooled by the t and a and the hot librarian hairdo, America: She's a fundamentalist. And a hockey mom. And hockey's for Canadians and communists.


Courtney said...

Whitewater rafting kicks ass. Pailn does not. Is it me, or did the entire campaign get a whole lot nastier as soon as she was vetted?

I'm still impressed you held on for the bucking bronco rapids. I saw pictures of some other rafts where the person up front went flying.

nancypearlwannabe said...

You know, for about two seconds I was like "hooray for a woman VP!". Then she opened her mouth and I realized she is one crazy-ass bitch.

She does have some cool glasses though.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

The only thing worse than McCain being president is McCain being president and then keeling over.

Anonymous said...

what would happen if not one person voted. of course each candidate and family would vote for themselves, but the other candidate and his family would cancel each other out. Do you think they would get the hint? It is amazing how one phone call can have such an effect on what they miss! Is 30 more realistic?


The Modern Gal said...

That is some good rapid-riding form. Way to show it who's boss.

Aaron said...

DOK said it best.

You know, we should try and egg each other on here as far as regular blogging goes. Or enable continued laziness. Either way.

surviving myself said...

Palin scares the hell out of me. Converting gays through the power of prayer??? WTF?

em said...

you done good on that raft.

Allie said...

Ugh! Matt Damon said in an interview (because, you know, I get all my political information from the talented Mr. Damon) that according to actuary tables, McCain has a 1/3 chance of not making it through the next four years.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the pic. It is good to remind my every once in a while why I refer to you as my cool friend Mickey.

Hightower, you can't not vote. That doesn't help. If you want to buck the system, you have to vote independent to prove that you don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils. You're an American. You deserve at least three evils.