Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Regular readers of this blog know that if nothing else, I’m a believer. I believe in everything: luck, original sin, the Easter Bunny, astrology, baseball. You name it, I’ll swallow it. I’ve got faith coming out my ears. So, I was absolutely bowled over by the results of putting the name of this here blog through the Anagram Generator. Un-feckin-believable. That is to say, completely believable, given that you’re an idiot if you don’t think there’s hidden meaning in everything, but amazing nonetheless. I thought choosing The Prettiest Denny’s Waitress as the name of this blog was relatively spontaneous but apparently there are larger forces at work. See for yourself:

Desperateness Written Shitty- The first one that came up, I swear. How did it know? Noelle, if I can amend my description from six words down to three, here you have it.

Thirty Penitent Stewardesses- This will be my reward in heaven when I'm martyred. We’re talking the stewardesses in movies and music videos, not real ones, of course. Eleven pretzels and half a Sprite are optional just so long as the ladies are penitent. (Ed. Note: This marks the first usage of airplane food as humor on the Waitress.)

Shared Typewritten Testiness- Some days, true.

Hatreds Intertwines Typesets- The next step beyond the above testiness. I’m brimming with hatreds.

Thwarted Trinity Steepnesses- Clearly a reference to my solo vanquishing of Les Trois Tetons before lunch one day. This one's actually pretty cool.

Trendy Streetwise Pantheists- I just like this one. Any pantheists out there? Computer says yes.

Twenty Interspersed Atheists- Interspersed amongst the pantheists. I have a diverse readership.

Swarthy Pretested Intestines- I’ll eat anything.

Titans Swineherds Typesetter- The Titans play in Tennessee, I love pork barbecue (herds of it), and I formerly worked as a printer. It’s uncanny!

Testy Wrists Threatened Penis- This one needs no explanation. Sometimes things get out of control. I’m only human.

Twisty Tenpin Tests Rehearsed- Definitely a description of my incredible work ethic practicing for Wii Bowling. That's what it takes to stay on top.

Weathered Testy Stein Sprints- Obviously a reference to my having survived the infamous Bourbon Street chugging contest of 2001, although they weren’t so much steins as plastic cups. Or maybe aluminum cans. I’m a little foggy. I do remember the winner being some short blonde chick with greenish-brownish eyes. Now what was her name?

If you don’t believe in the hidden power of words now, then open your eyes, dummy! It’s all there! And I only had to scroll through about three thousand combinations (seriously) to find these prophetic gems! Special thanks to The Modern Gal for opening my eyes to the curious wonders of anagrams.


Aaron said...

I am anxious to finish typing this here comment so I can go plug "Funky Carter" into the anagram generator. I'll keep ya posted.

Courtney said...

That was ME that won the chugging contest, in case you were wondering. I'm sexy like that.

Allie said...

Wow. That could be my new addiction.

It's even cooler than this site -- http://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/

By the way, I think Swarthy Pretested Intestines would be the way to go if you're looking for a new blog name at some point. :)

em said...

Your find has enabled me to talk about my company in a secret language. The new name, thanks to anagrams is Wacko Gunned Hell.

It's really kind of fitting, sadly.

Stefanie said...

I don't have the patience to wade through 1,000 results, but I am amused to see that the first anagram for my own blog name is "Fantasies Yes." "Satan Eyes If" is my second favorite, I think.

Noelle said...

I wish you hadn't linked to that, now everyone's going to know why I keep winning at Scrabulous. I mean... nothing...

I didn't scroll too far down, but "Banana Nudity Elm" kind of tickled my fancy for me.

Anonymous said...

this blog just supports the fact that i like math so much more than english.


survivingmyself said...

"Testy Wrists Threatened Penis"

this makes the most sense to me.


nancypearlwannabe said...

I personally liked Banal Cayenne Prawn for mine. Also, Banana Pan Newly Rec is pretty good.

The Modern Gal said...

In fact, the generator says anagrams never lie. Enlarged Moth, I am then.

And for you Mickey and your lady, I did Knoxville Tennessee and found Keenness Level Toxin. I've long blamed East Tennessee for my allergies.

Mickey said...

aaron- Go crazy.

courtney- It's the foundation of our relationship.

allie- Or if I ever start a band.

em- That's scary.

stefanie- The good ones must float to the top.

noelle- That is pretty good, except they got the wrong kind of tree.

hightower- So does your writing.

survivingmyself- Is that the meaning behind your name? Take it easy with those wrists and keep on survivin'.

npw- That first one sounds delicious, though a little boring.

modern gal- "Keenness Level Toxin." K-town does rank pretty high in the nation for air pollution. Well done. And thanks again for the inspiration.

Chris said...

Did the site specify for which sins the stewardesses were penitent?

Sounds like you're the one who should be turning from your wicked ways, what with all the hatred, shitty writing and penis-threatening wrists.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hmmmm!! My own anagrams were generally of a more disturbing nature, oft referencing a sexual practice of consenting homosexual gentleman.

I quite liked this one though "Bitchily Chews Tofu I". Sometimes I do that :-)

Mickey said...

chris- Just as long as they're sorry for something.

fish- That Anagram Generator is kind of dirty. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Rachel said...

I love the testy wrists one, but I'm afraid I have you beat: DailyNewsie anagrams to "Lady Wienies."

That is all.

Jacob said...

The program sucked for my blog. I couldn't find a single interesting anagram.

Kiala said...

Hoecake Coot Fief

That about sums it up.

Mickey said...

rachel and kiala- Those are pretty nice. Hoecake coot fief sounds like something you could make good money doing in the back room of a bar in Thailand. And lady wienies is so simple and elegant.

jacob- That's cuz you suck.

Julie said...

Did you ever think about typing in your blog and putting the word blog after it? That would open you up to even more options.