Monday, December 31, 2007

Some random thoughts (amended):

-Does Mike Huckabee wake up every morning intent on convincing those of us who hadn’t noticed that he is in fact the scary evangelical choice for president? Yikes.

-An exchange that occurred last week in this office, after rhetorically pondering aloud (my mistake) the cosmic usefulness of Precious Moments figurines, which make me want to vomit:
Another Dumb Co-worker: "You must be one a them deep thinkers."
Me (stooping to her grammar): "You must be one of them shallow thinkers."
ADCW: "Yes I am."

-We installed our new 37" flat-screen TV last night, upon the completion of which I hooked up the old 20-incher in the bedroom, where I ended up watching TV the rest of the evening. ?????

-Which reminds me: Does The Sound of Music not kick ass? How many other guys out there were flipping back and forth between the Titans clinching the final NFL playoff spot and the incomparable Julie Andrews? That’s right, ladies: I’m a catch.

-I have no idea what my illustrious co-worker (the original one) is complaining about. How does she think that getting a hotel room in Gatlinburg and getting drunk with her mother in law, Granny Jo and her despised husband to ring in the new year will not be a good time? Sounds like a killer plan to me. Whichever one of the latter three characters came up with that one is a genius. Hopefully someone will bring a gun. And a Toby Keith CD.

-Tannenbaum’s Saturday post made me unexpectedly distraught. Have I become that attached to these people whom I’ve never even met? I guess the vicarious emotions we experience through blogging must also include the occasional sadness. Do I hug the computer in those situations?

-Which also reminds me, in case I don’t get around to writing a year-that-was wrap-up post, even though my boss isn’t here today which means I’m not doing any work and therefore have all kinds of time (that’s how I ride, yo): Thanks to all those who read my blog and especially to those who leave comments. Even greater thanks to those who write the blogs I read. Some of you I know well, some of you a little, and others I’ve never met. All of you make me wonder why I waited so long to get in on it.


nancypearlwannabe said...

I know, Tannenbaum's news made me a bit sad all weekend. I almost wish I lived in the Hudson Valley so we could hang out.

Also, congrats on the new TV: Mario Galaxy is going to look hot on that thing.

Courtney said...

Julie Andrews may be the greatest woman who ever lived. If she were American, I'd endorse her for president. Hell, I'll endorse her anyway. Julie '08!

Julie said...

I am bound by the Julie code to second your Julie '08 proposition.

And Mickey, you may not have been the only guy to watch The Sound of Music and enjoy it but you're probably the only one who's ok to admit it. That's why all the other guys have guy crushes on you.

And congratulations on the new TV. That's what I call a Merry Christmas! Thank goodness you don't rely on your personal time to blog or we'd have nothing to read once the Wii comes in.

TravelingEm said...

You now have a tv in the bedroom. What I'm pondering is that you don't seem scared by that. However, it's redeemed a bit by the fact that you were using it to watch the Sound of Music and football at the same time. I think that really does make you a catch.

Happy New Year, Mick :)

Noelle said...

I'll have to resolve to watch the Sound of Music and stop making you sad. I do appreciate the inter-internet hug.

Meaghan said...

The Sound of Music? You really are gay, aren't you?

This was a really good post. I laughed out loud. At work. People were probably wondering. But no one asked...

Anonymous said...

erin andrews is hands down(mental picture provided) a better andrews that julie.


Allie said...

Oh, I'm with you on so much of that. For the most part figurines of any type make me want to barf. I read Saturday's post last night and felt like I wanted to hug the computer too, and as much as I like to pretend that I hate all musicals,I have to admit that The Sound of Music is pretty freaking awesome.

"And a Toby Keith CD." That got me giggling.

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

I'm not a macho guy. I cook and wash dishes and watch very little football.

But seriously, The Sound of Music?

Jacob said...

I was thinking the same thing as Chris, even though I'm apparently more manly by his standards given that I love football and drink beer. But I also cook, clean, and like to cuddle, so I figure that makes me a good example of not manly too.