Friday, December 14, 2007

Go Hens!

My mom just called to tell me how my dad’s knee-replacement surgery went: Not so good. Well, he’s fine and all, though a little groggy still. The surgery began at 7:30 and lasted five hours. It shouldn’t have gone that long. Turns out, the surgeon inadvertently broke one of the bones around the knee (I’m not sure which one.) Normally, after a knee-replacement, they get the patient up and walking that very day and send them home after two or three. My dad won’t go home until Tuesday and won’t be able to put weight on that leg for six weeks. He was thinking he’d be able to tackle stairs in a couple weeks; he will not be happy when the haze wears off a little later.

Segue: But hopefully the fog will clear in time for him to watch ESPN2 and cheer for the University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens as they take on the Mountaineers of Appalachian State University in the Division I Football National Championship Game in Chattanooga tonight at 8 o’clock. Both my parents are UD alumni and I’m a Blue Hen by birth. Appalachian State, of course, is the team that opened the season with the much-celebrated upset of No. 5-ranked Michigan, and it has been pointed out that there is one other college football team in the land with the same uniforms as the Wolverines, albeit featuring a different (and much more attractive) shade of blue: The ol’ U of D. Even without this unsettling parallel, the Mountaineers are certainly the favorite as they go for their third straight national championship.

It is on rare occasions like this that I actually wish we had the channels on our TV beyond basic cable. As such, I may have to visit a sports bar or very quickly make a friend who gets the Deuce so I can cheer on the pride of my home state. You can imagine that, as a Delawarean, opportunities to do so are few and far between. Not a lot comes out of the First State besides chickens, chemicals, and most of the junk mail you get from credit card companies. If you like college football, watch the game: it is the only Division I Championship Game. None of that bowl shit. These two teams played their way to ‘Nooga.

(On a side note, my lady friend and I were going to get tickets and make the 2-hour drive, but they quickly sold out at $20 apiece. On-line scalpers had them for $200. Damn it all.)


Meaghan said...

I don't really care about football, but I think it's so sweet how you call Courtney your lady friend. OK, I'll stop being so girly now... said...

6 weeks without walking!? How can anyone stand that?!?!?!?! Oh, wait, I know... Since I'm hoping against hope to start walking very soon, let me know if your dad wants to borrow a little plastic shower chair, because I know where to find one...

Courtney said...

Yikes! Poor Rich! That doctor is going to get an earful when the anesthesia wears off.

Oh, and sorry to burst your bubble, Meaghan, but I don't think he calls me that to be sweet. I think he does it to be ... weird. I know you're shocked.

Go Hens!

Jacob said...

I almost bought tickets a month ago but didn't when I realized it was a Friday (the tickets had just gone on sale that week). If I'd realized that you two were interested in going, I would have bought four and met you there.

And I have to say "Go App State." I, like you, were raised as a fan of a Div. 1AA (FCS is wicked retahded) team. My Georgia Southern Eagles (my parents' alma mater) actually beat the Mountaineers along with Wofford. Let's just say that they could beat a ranked Div. 1A team and breeze through the Div. 1AA playoffs and not even make it through their own conference undefeated. Go Southern Conference! They should just demote all of Conference USA except Troy and maybe one other team and promote the Southern Conference instead.

And Courtney, Western Kentucky had a pretty sweet first season in IA.

Jacob said...

I swear I posted a follow up last night about the game and wishing your dad a speedy recovery. I just don't know what happened to it.

Anyway, I may have been pulling for App State, but I wasn't pulling for that kind of game. Sorry the hens couldn't keep it close.

And I really meant to end my original comment with a good wish for your dad, but apparently got distracted.

Chris said...

Well, sorry your hens lost and your dad left surgery with an all new injury. (clearly I'm reading this late)

Better luck next time -- I mean for the hens, mainly, as I am not wishing another surgery on your dad.

Julie said...

Sucks for your dad. My grandmother had her knee replaced and it was just awful. I hope being younger helps make his recovery easier. Damn that doctor for making a mistake. If you need help beating him up, let me know. Your dad should have a cane and that will make it easier for him to poke the doctor.

And sorry about the Hens. I'm an Atlanta native married to a GA Tech alum. I know your pain.