Sunday, November 18, 2007

A signal-hunting success

NaBloPoMo may yet prove to be a pain in the ass. Our internet signal isn’t coming in right now (we poach), so we may have to find some place with free WiFi to post this sucker. Add to that yesterday’s covert effort to post in the presence of my parents (they must never know about this blog), and the coming holiday which will find us on the road, and you’ve got a real pain in the ass. Woe is me.

I suppose if we actually paid for the internets it would solve today’s problem, but our Thanksgiving travels may prove a more serious hurdle. We’re going to NC and may have to find a Starbucks to hook up some posts. Again, though, we’ll have to find excuses to get away from the ‘rents.

So yesterday was my first big-time college football experience, with the exception of the 2003 Division I-AA National Championship game between the University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens (my dad’s an alum) and Colgate University, held in ‘Nooga. That game was a blowout (UD trounced ‘em). Yesterday’s game was a cliffhanger, with UT prevailing by a single point that held up by the width of the goalpost. I’ve been to quite a few sporting events before, but this was something completely different. For three hours, 105,077 people behaved as one, singing Rocky Top on cue and shaking the bleachers with 210,154 stomping feet. And you should see that marching band. That’s some impressive shit they do. You never get to see what the band does when you watch the games on TV because The Man is too busy trying to sell us Chevrolets and Budweiser. Damn him.

We finished off the day with a fantastic meal at La Costa on Market Square. The place does a helluva job with Latin-Southern fusion with dishes like shrimp and cheese grits with Andouille sausage, barbecue pork tacos, tilapia tacos, and a very interesting sweet potato, pecan and tofu burrito. I dig it when a restaurant has a concept and they really deliver on it in creative ways. If you’re ever in K-town, give it a look. Just don’t throw down on K-town. Ever.


Jacob said...

Seriously, forget the Starbucks (they make you pay for the access) and look for Krystals. Almost every Krystal in the country has free wi-fi. The one in my hometown has free wi-fi and it shares space with a gas station. I have no idea why Krystal thought this was a good idea given their clientele, but they saved my butt with a fantasy football draft before.

And your dad's Delaware is being forced to play the scary black people of Delaware State for the first time in this year's Div. 1AA playoffs. There was an article by a Delaware alum about his shame for Delaware's abject refusal to play their in-state siblings, so this may be the biggest matchup shy of the finals for the playoffs. I'm hoping one of the TV networks pick it up, at least ESPNU.

Mickey said...

Yeah, Krystal was my suggestion, but Courtney doesn't wnat to go there for fear of encouraging them to do more of those annoying commercials she loves so much. I didn't even know there was a Delaware State until long after we moved to Georgia.

Meaghan said...

1. I'm surprised you'd ever walk into a Starbucks, what with their expensive brew and "The Man" attitude.

2. As a former brass-kicker, I am glad you gave a shout-out to the band. It really would be WAY better to watch them than the stupid commercials.

Chris said...

Meaghan's got a point: Starbucks is kind of The Man. Although they allegedly do some good stuff related to social responsibility/ environmental sustainability, so you can give them some props for that (allegedly, I repeat for my lack of thorough research on the topic).

If you really wanted to be sneaky, you could just park outside almost any hotel and pick up their Wi-Fi signal.

Noelle said...

My free internet totally dried up yesterday, I think my neighbor was moving stuff and turned it off. Today, I've got gads of internet, but nothing to say. Dag.

nancypearlwannabe said...

BBQ pork tacos sound divine.