Saturday, November 17, 2007

Game day

I have to type this without my parents (who are in the room) knowing I have a blog, so I’ll probably keep it short. Everyone is distracted right now because Cops, aka the greatest television programming ever devised, is on.

We went to the football game today where we and 105,000+ of our newest best friends took in a thriller between UT and Vanderbilt. I never understood how they get that many people into a stadium until we sat down, one row from the top, and the kid in front of me was literally between my knees. Tight quarters. It was a hell of a lot of fun, though, and a great game. That’s about all for now. Sorry.


Jacob said...

I went to Georgia Souther v. Furman last week and we had plenty of room to spread out. Although we were sandwiched between the odd combination of student section and senior citizens from Hilton Head. We had plenty of room at last year's Gator Bowl too, but that's a pro stadium and lower level seats.

I think typically the higher the seat, the closer they get together. I remember the upper deck at old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was creepy steep.

Noelle said...

I wonder what my blog would be like if my parents didn't know about it.