Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A November morning

The weather’s got me all confused. It was 29.5 degrees as I left for work this morning. The windshield needed scraping, the fingers went numb on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, it’s one of those sensations that triggers a longing: That numbness in my fingers should be from gripping an ice axe through wet gloves. My breath, visible on the chilled air, should be quickened by a forced pace up a steep, frozen slope. This cold reminds me of so many alpine mornings, up long before the sun, moving fast to try to warm up before the tingling in my toes becomes permanent, each step bringing me higher and further from places soft, flat, and temperature controlled. I miss the mountains.


Courtney said...

Fortunately, we have some nearby.

Chris said...

Yeah, imagine my surprise coming back from Orlando, where it was 80 every afternoon. Of course, when I left last week it was 80 in the afternoons here, too.

I can see you're struggling to keep the posts flowing, so may I suggest a collection of dirty limericks -- preferably original, but I'll settle for any I haven't heard before.

Dirty haiku would also be acceptable.

Mickey said...

Struggling?What the hell?!!
Ideas flow like water.
You dirty bastard.