Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I've Done (and Eaten) Over the Past Week

-Realized it's July.

-Ate three different kinds of tacos with Traveling Em: pork, goat and beef tongue. Both the goat and the tongue were firsts for me. Goats are cute and it's a bit unsettling putting something that was in another creature's mouth into my own (except for the Dutchie, whatever that is, which should always be passed on the left hand side), but the tacos were excellent. I highly recommend Mr. Taco in Roswell, although I couldn't tell you why they went with Mr. instead of Sr., since the menu was in Spanish and the TVs were tuned to Univision.

-Watched some soccer. Turns out it's not so bad once you make peace with the fact that there is only marginally less chaos on a pitch (that's soccer for "field") full of international stars than one with a bunch of grass-stained eight-year-olds. The difference is subtle, but it's there. Actually, I've watched damn near every match (that's soccer for "game") of the World Cup and my appreciation of the sport has grown considerably, from "Maybe if they could use their hands they'd actually score a goal now and then" to "This would actually be a decent way to spend two hours if the players didn't act like such pussies every time they got kicked in the shins, the matches didn't so frequently end in a draw, and the officiating wasn't so random and inconsistent." A game that can end in a tie? Really?*

-Spent the 4th of July (also known as the day we asserted our right to call football soccer, the ultimate middle finger to those limey bastards**) at a cabin in the woods, where I ate meat, drank beer and climbed a waterfall. In that order. Photos here.

-Cleaned the apartment in anticipation of Courtney's return from D.C. I like to give the lady occasional reasons to keep me around (see also the sweet potato waffles I'm about to make her for dinner.)

-Drank beer, ate wangs (which of course is a typo for "wings," but I'm leaving it) and watched more soccer with Traveling Em and Courtney at Taco Mac, where the tacos are nothing like the authentic little tongue-stuffed gems at Mr. Taco but the draught list is incredible.

-Wrote a blog post in list form. Just what is it that you want from me? Narrative? Structure? Write your own damn blog then! (I did manage to include the descriptor "tongue-stuffed." That's got to be worth something.)

*Actually, I was totally digging the World Cup and the game itself, but being critical of soccer is the American way. And the players really are total pussies.

**Actually, soccer is a term coined by the English themselves; we stuck with it once a different variation of the game was created that involved use of the hands, an oblong ball, Don Knotts and a mule.


Courtney said...

Cleaning the apartment is good, but sweet potato waffles are probably enough to inspire me to keep you around for another month or so.

Jacob said...

If you ignore what it actually is, there is nothing gross about tongue. I had it a in taco shop in Chattanooga. Goat is also a pretty tasty meat, but I had that in a Bangladeshi restaurant instead of a taco shop.

I've actually been able to appreciate the soccer this year too. I'm still more excited about the Tri-Nations rugby tournament that starts this weekend and the rugby World Cup next year.

Lynn said...

Yup. It's July.

Julie said...

I've eaten cow's tongue before and I though it was pretty gross. Perhaps it was the seasoning?

The Modern Gal said...

1. I've too had tongue and found it a little too chewy for my tasted, but it may have had something to do with how it was cooked.

2. I share your feelings for the World Cup.

3. Wangs is Southern for wings, so no need to change. Just ask fellow ATLiens Outkast.

Ms. S said...

Though I've had tough tongue, this was actually incredibly tender. So tender in fact, that I thought perhaps they hadn't given us tongue. But then, we found taste buds. And then it hit our taste buds. There will be at least 1 more visit here with you Mick, I hope, before I leave. But first I have to return.

And soccer + wings + awesome beer selection = really great day. I love teaching math.

Sid said...

Ha. My friend Juan, who's a big Rugby fan has also been bitching about how weak these soccer players are.

Sweet potato waffles? Never had those before.