Thursday, June 18, 2009

At least I wrote something

Hey, strangers. I have a short, humorless post over at Allie's Answers today, where I should be contributing occasionally but regularly. Allie's site is undergoing some changes of late to become even bigger and badder, so be sure to check it out.

I have not entirely forgotten about my own blog, but the combination of severely limited internet access and out-of-town visitors (and my discovery of Facebook), has meant very little time for the Waitress. I'll get back to it before long, but probably not before the second round of guests, my parents, vacate the valley next week.

And thus concludes my fifteen-minute break. Time to put the hat back on and go gently extract money from foreigners.


Allie said...

Thanks! You rock! So glad to have you writing at AA.

Julie said...

Way to phone it in.

FYI - Allie's blog said that Courtney wrote it. How lazy are you?

A Free Man said...

Get off the damn Facebook.

The Modern Gal said...

I'm not going to even waste my time commenting on this.



Erin said...

Just saw your view from work picture.


You win.

My mountains are too far away.

One of the Parents said...

Hey, Mick. Thanks for pausing your life to show these old hobbling hikers a beautiful piece of your world. We've gone. We adore you. We miss you. Now get back to your blog. XOXO

Jacob said...

It's been four months since you posted. You suck.

Anonymous said...

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