Thursday, May 29, 2008

Head-nodder's Ball

I think I'm gonna have to lay down some randomness for you today since it's been almost a week since I've written a full-fledged post.

-Laziest Memorial Day weekend ever. About the most constructive thing the lady and I did was meet Em, of Joe's Used Toy Emporium and Wigshop fame, for a few beers at Barley's. I did my best to embarass myself by acting generally shifty, as I am wont to do when meeting new people, and by spilling a $4.50 beverage all over myself after being somehow surprised that the nacho plate was scalding hot. I still say they're supposed to warn you about things like that.

I actually have met Em before, but I'm happy to say that this time she didn't make me do sit-ups and push-ups until I nearly puke. Good thing, too, considering the beer and nachos. No, this time we all sat still and enjoyed the beers we didn't douse ourselves with and some pleasant conversation and sunshine. She brought us fresh-picked strawberries, too (which were awesome, Em, by the way.)

-My lady and I also got out and inexplicably played tennis three out of the four days of our weekend. I say our weekend even though mine is technically limitless in my currently unemployed state, and Courtney had Friday and Monday off because she's cool like that. We both pretty much suck at tennis and are playing with borrowed rackets, but we are also extremely white, so we have that going for us. The court we play on is seriously ghetto, though. There are two courts, and one of them is covered in broken glass and when the ball rolls into the corner of the fence you have to dig it out of the discarded Krystal boxes, drink cups and beer cans. We'd probably fit in better there if I brought my water bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag.

-Went and saw Over the Rhine last night at the Bijou on my lady friend's dime. I was a little worried about going to a concert where the crowd remains seated for the duration and claps politely at the end of each song. I thought I might have to come home and clean out my ears with some Pantera so I can continue to uphold my young and rockin' self-image. Except Pantera is rather dated, just like me.

Anyshwoo, the concert was really good and I'm a better, more rounded person for having gone. Over the Rhine is kind of soulful, swingin' jazz, and the singer has one of the best voices I've ever heard. The drummer was incredible to watch as I've never really appreciated the kind of playing that requires anything other than bashing the shit out of the kit. His precision, touch and coordination were a sight. Plus, his name is Mickey.

I'd also like to add that the 99-year-old Bijou, apparently renowned for it's acoustics, is a gorgeous theater and the sound was in fact superb. I look forward to going to more shows there.

I still may pop in some Pantera today. My ears could use a little bleeding.


em said...

Hola! I am glad you liked the strawberries. I gobbled up the rest of mine yesterday.

I was sad to miss OtR but I had a very exhausting day yesterday which required me to get in my pajamas immediately after returning home from the gym. I am glad the show was good.

Also, spilling beer on yourself is the coolest. If you get that reference, you are much more awesome than I ever imagined.

Stefanie said...

At least you spilled the beer on yourself instead of on Em. Be thankful for that, anyway.

I've heard Over the Rhine on the radio a few times and sort of dug them. Glad to hear the show was enjoyable.

Aaron said...

While I realize that you and the drummer for Over the Rhine merely share the same name, I prefer to think that the revelation was actually a clever plot twist. Like, "Hey, there's this awesome band, and the drummer is talented. And he is me."

Courtney said...

That was definitely the tamest concert we've ever been to, but also one of the best, I think. I always like a band more after I've seen them live.

The Modern Gal said...

Please resist the urge to become any more East Tennessean than you've already become. Allow your water bottle to see the light of day.

Mickey said...

em- All I can think of is Billy Madison: "Peeing your pants is the COOLEST!" Either I'm right or I'm even lamer than you imagined.

stefanie- Good point. Always spill beer on yourself.

aaron- That would have been a good twist. Alas, I am not in a band.

courtney- Yes,they proved that you can have tame and good together.

mg- But I like the wino look!

surviving myself said...

"Most regular people would say, it's hard! and streetwise son-of-a-bitch knows - don't fuck with this!!!"

My favorite Pantera song.

Meaghan said...

I'm completely jealous that you got to see OtR in concert. I definitely agree that the singer has one of the best voices EVER!!!

BTW, the photo to the right freaks me out because it's a little "Blair Witch Project"-standing-in-a-corner kind of freaky. And I know it's you, but the shadow makes you look faceless.

em said...

you are RIGHT! i love billy madison toooo much!

J-Money said...

During freshman year, I went to Arlington to visit a friend of mine and was pleased to learn that Vinnie Abbott was her neighbor. More impressive was the Absolut bottle shaped pool and the fact that his ENTIRE Super Wal-Mart sized home was trimmed in purple neon.

Mickey said...

sm- Awesome, dude.

meaghan- I will change that picture immediately.

em- Score! In high school I worked at Blockbuster for a few months and had only one answer for people looking for a comedy.

j- Purple neon!! Absolut pool!!! So you're saying the stage persona was not an act? Fucking hostile.

Julie said...

We will say hi to Karin for you on Saturday when they play the Variety.

Mickey & Lady Friend: Should you choose to resume your weekendly trips to Atlanta, you are welcome to come play tennis on our shiny new courts. I will even pull out our old rackets to join you. And I will appropriately place your water into a martini glass instead of a bottle - plan for your location, right?

JustinS said...

Bijou sounds super bad. Might even make me sound good.

If everyone's drunk.

And deaf.

nancypearlwannabe said...

The worst is when the courts are covered in glass shards and have big cracks in the clay- so when the ball bounces off a random crack you pull a groin muscle trying to get it and then slip and fall on the glass.

Not that that's ever happened to me.

ck said...

if spilling beer on yourself is cool, consider me miles davis.

Mickey said...

julie- Martini glasses! Ha!

justins- We could rock it together.

npw- Ouch!

ck- Aww, yeah!

Allie said...

Just make sure you reuse the paper bag when you're done -- you know to make wrapping paper or something.