Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is for every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened. Thank you.

The honors and accolades for the Waitress just keep coming: Allie has named mine a Blog of Distinction.

Of course, I'm supposed to pass it on to some other blogs that I deem worthy, and I would have Allie's Answers right at the top of the list, but that's not how it works. I'm supposed to pass it forward. Not only does this allow me to honor a few deserving blogs, but it also provides me with an entire post for today, and I'm very thankful for that.

Allie included six honorees, but I'm going to limit myself to three before I even consider who they might be. I'm also going to try to pull from the different spheres of influence that make up my blogroll, so as to more evenly distribute the lovin' and expose some folks to blogs they may not otherwise read. So if you get pissed because you're not on the list, I assure you that you were probably number four and you only just missed because I wanted to prop up the egos of these less deserving winners. Either that or because your blog sucks.

I kid, of course. I only have one or two truly shitty blogs on my roll, and I'm sure yours isn't one of them. I'm positive.

Jacob's Land of Bliss and Blisters is a difficult blog to recommend, if only because in the past he had so many long-winded egghead posts about stuff like cooking eggs and Native American genocide (both of which I enjoyed; the reading, not the actual genocide). Since he's taken on Blog365, however, his posts have actually become for the most part more focused and funny, and he's even mixed in some creative pieces that have been nothing short of brilliant. All this while posting every single day. If you decide to give him a look and happen into a thousand-word post about the finer points of raising chickens, just go back a day or two, you'll find something worth a read. But tell him he's an asshole; I've already stroked his enormous ego enough here.

My first link ever outside my built-in group of college friends (thus the high position on my chronological blogroll) was The Daily Tannenbaum, headed by the inexplicably controversial Noelle. Including her recent comment burn-inducing piece on evaluating potential dates, she has been in particularly good form of late. Last week's photo-reenactment of the film The Ruins using dolls in her backyard set a new standard for dedication and also left us wondering how she has that kind of time on her hands. Plus, it was probably better than the actual movie.

Lastly, The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy, authored by one J-Money, is relatively new to the 'roll. She occasionally comments here and I hope she happens along to pick up her award. In short, her blog is some of the funniest shit I've read in a while, and most of you guys can be pretty darn funny. TTMMSB is also home to the Dr. Phil Haiku, a weekly feature(or semi-weekly; her new part-time job is really cutting into her Phil time, apparently) that summarizes each episode from America's favorite crazy-eyed shrink in haiku form. Oh, and she's running the Boston Marathon this weekend, so good luck, J.

And those are Blogs of Distinction. Maybe if you're nice and don't bitch about being left out, one of these distinguished honorees will bestow this highest prize upon you as well.

(P.S. Notice how the first two paragraphs have a nice bit of air between each line and the rest of this post is really tight and hard to read? That's what happens when I type the first bit on my laptop at home and then finish up the rest here at work. Thank you, Blogger, you incompetent piece of crap. Or maybe it's my work computer, also a piece of crap, which also doesn't allow me to underline or italicize.)


nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm pissed!

Just kidding. All of those blogs are worthy of many awards. And really, I just won a contest where the prize is maple-bacon flavored lollipops, so I'm set with my winnings for this week.

Aaron said...

Congrats to the winners, one and all. Of the three, I read only Christmas Christmas Tree's on a daily basis, but on your recommendation, I will visit the others. Huzzah!

surviving myself said...

I like Daily and The Typing too, both deserve some love.

and i'll have to check out Jacob's, cause if you recommend it, I'm down.

Allie said...

Yay! I'm glad you picked Noelle! For some reason, I thought she'd already gotten the award and didn't realize she hadn't until I already posted.

JustinS said...

Man, good thing we GenXers mastered the art of apathy. Otherwise, my lack of inclusion would totally piss me off and I'd be trying to light you on fire with the power of my mind right now.

But I don't really care. Because that's how GenXers roll.

And I'll definitely be checking all three out, based solely on your reputation and recommendation.

Meaghan said...

Awe, you just gave Jacob a nice little warm fuzzy inside... which he will take and feed with a few "I'm awesomes" and "I'm the smartest kid on the block" until it grows into a frickin' Sasquatch. Great job, Mickey!

Kidding aside, this makes me want to go check out these other folks...

Chris said...

Yay for Jacob. These others I have occasionally read on my slow days, but I'm short on slow days this week.

I shall endeavor to check them out. I'm especially always up for a photo re-enactment of a movie using dolls in a backyard. That sounds right up my alley. (I apologize for that completely meaningless and unnecessary cliche. I suppose I won't be making your "commenters of distinction" list either.)

Mickey said...

npw- It was your wrath I was particularly concerned about. I'm glad it has been tempered with lollipops.

aaron- Definitely check out The Typing. You especially will love her pop-culture references.

surviving myself- I wouldn't pin my reputation on Jacob. But I guess I already have. Oh well.

allie- Yup, I'm just mopping up after your mistakes.

justins- I was feeling kind of warm earlier. You sure your apathy is in control?

meaghan- Your "little warm fuzzy" becoming a Sasquatch made me laugh out loud. Brilliant.

chris- Embrace the cliche, man. It's how we communicate. Just keep it out of your novel.

Courtney said...

I am outraged!

Just kidding. My blog doesn't hold a candle to The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy, and I know it. Noelle is lovely as well. But Jacob? I refuse to inflate that ego any further, lest his head explode.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Oh, I should have mentioned before, I already won one from The Modern Gal. Incidentally, you also won one from her. Go figure.

sid said...

You only have 2 shitty blogs on your blogroll? OMW it's me isn't it?

J-Money said...

Holy crap! Thanks for the love and yes, I have SO MANY DVR'ed Phil eps, that I'm skeered to watch, lest I OD onmixed metaphors and male pattern baldness.

ALSO, I'm going to be more than an 'occasional' commenter because I heart you (and your blog).

Mickey said...

courtney- Yeah, it pains me to send people to Jacob knowing he'll get all cocky and make a liar out of me by devolving into a series of posts about the hydrologic history of the Kenai peninsula, or some other such crap.

NPW- Congrats, co-winner. I knew you'd be covered somehow.

sid- No way! Your post totally rocked today.

j-money- You can comment as occasionally as you'd like. I can take it. Now get your Basho on (haiku geeks? anyone?) and go watch some Phil.

Jacob said...

Mickey, I hate you. I was just about to really extend myself and put up a short story I'm working on in installments over the next few days.

You also had to do this right in the middle of a slump so people are going to think you're really weird.

But thanks for award. It's nice to get a little validation.

The Modern Gal said...

I'm rescinding my award to you, but that's more my own mistake for not reading Allie's entry close enough to see your name ... my bad.

Seriously, congrats. I do love your blog.

Mickey said...

jacob- Geez, passive-aggressive. These mixed signals are confusing. Your welcome?

modern gal- Nope, too late. I got the same award twice in two days from two different people and that's how it's gonna be. And thank you.

Noelle said...

I didn't realize I won this award again! I'll have to amend my most recent post to acknowledge that fact. Thanks for the award, and not making me feel so bad for the fact that I handed it out to people who already had it.

Mickey said...

noelle- Dang! I knew that thing looked familiar!

Julie said...

Well, I was going to visit some of your recommended blogs, but who wants to listen to the a-hole who can't even get the spacing right in his paragraphs. You totally lost your street cred.