Monday, March 31, 2008


Today is opening day, sports fans. Yeah, I know there was a game last night and a couple in Japan last week, but today is Opening Day. And I don't need to identify the sport because it is the only one with an Opening Day in caps.

All is once again right with the world.

(And Jacob, we already know how you feel. Go watch Cricket or something, you Commie.)


nancypearlwannabe said...

Go, Red Sox!

Meaghan said...

I LOVE baseball! I really enjoy actually going to the games. Anyone up for a weekend at our place with a trip to the minor league game in town? Tickets are anywhere from $4 to $10.

Courtney said...

Woo! The only good thing about basketball season is knowing baseball is just around the corner.

We'll totally go to a game with you, Meaghan.

The Modern Gal said...

I'm breathing easier just reading your post. GO CARDINALS!

Anonymous said...

this just means many nights with don and skip.


Jacob said...

I wasn't going to even respond until you told me not to. I was just going to let you have your little baseball party without my input, unless it was to point out the ridiculousness of having an official Opening Day that is after a handful of official games have been played.

I've already admitted my envy of baseball's history and place in our culture despite its declining popularity, and I actually like the occasional minor league game in person. I'm also perfectly willing to admit that it's a it's-not-you-it's-me thing. I just don't have the patience to stare at a TV when most of the game play just involves guys just standing around. Football is bad enough with the commercial breaks and huddles.

em said...

Detroit Tigers lost! Boooo!

I love baseball. My Uncle invited me to the Nat's opening game in the new stadium yesterday, but I could not stay in DC to attend. Double boo!

Mickey said...

npw- Boo! Hiss!

meaghan- I hear you like the Yankees. See above.

courtney- But she likes the Yankees.

modern gal- Cardinals? Good luck with that this year.

hightower- Don and Skip? Are you sure. I think Don does broadcasts for the Nationals and I don't know about Skip. Some genius decided it would be a good idea to break up two of the best anouncer tandems in the game. I long for the days of Pete and Don and Joe and Skip.

jacob- That's reasonable, I'll admit.

em- You would have just seen the Braves lose (boo), although it took a ninth-inning walk-off homer to do it.

laurie said...

our Twins won, which surprised me. it was odd seeing Torii Hunter in an Angels uniform but i was glad the crowd cheered him. (sometimes we boo former twins after they return--AJ and chuck knoblach, in particular).

but we had a blizzard yesterday! good thing the new open-air ballpark isn't done yet and they got to play inside the dome.

Chris said...

Baseball really is much better in person, although sometimes the dull pace that Jacob describes appeals to me. I have fond memories of Sunday afternoon semi-naps on the couch while baseball played at a low volume on the TV.

And go Braves (even though I don't follow closely enough to know who plays for you now).

Noelle said...

This is the year of the Mets, I can feel it. And barring that, I'm going to have to get myself to at least one minor league came this year.

Mickey said...

laurie- I can't wait until they implode the Metrodome. Too many bad memories for this Braves fan.

chris- I agree. The lazy pace is part of the appeal.

noelle- Minor league ball is the best. F the Mets.

The Modern Gal said...

Yes, I'm committed to just rooting against the teams I hate this year since I know as a Cardinals fan I'm doomed.

Meaghan said...

It's true. I'm a Yankees fan. I wasn't going to bring it up, but you did... But a true Yankees fan loves the sport to the core, so I will still watch a minor league version of the Braves. I'll plan more on this weekend with the minors!

Mickey said...

modern gal- Sometimes that's all you can do.

meaghan- You probably rooted for Darth Vader in Star Wars too, didn't you?

Jacob said...

I actually had to give Meaghan a pass on the Yankees fan thing once (because despite not digging baseball, I'm a Braves fan) because she actually had family reasons (and I think she got mad at me for making fun of her team preference). I'm OK with New Yorkers being Yankee fans (but it'd be better if they pulled for the Mets). It's just those people with no connection to the town who choose to pull for the Evil Empire that annoy me.

I mean they aren't like the Braves, who get something like 5 states because of being centrally located in a dead zone for MLB.

Julie said...

I would be up for a minor league game. Those are fun.

Matt & I watch hockey & football, though, and I'm not much of a sports fan, so I guess I just stopped watching the Braves since I've already hit my fill of sports watching. Plus that was something I did with my Dad.