Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't Get Eliminated!

First off, congratulations to Aaron, who has earned a spot on the blogroll by commenting here, and quite the witty debut at that. I've been enjoying his blog for a little while now and had hoped to one day add him to the roll. Rules are rules, though, and for no good reason whatsoever I decided at the fairly recent outset of this blog that entry could only be gained by leaving a comment. Don't worry, though: Your spot is cemented and you don't have to ever visit this site again. In the meantime I'll be extra vigilant about using your/you're correctly.

And for Julie's benefit (because she was so destroyed by the revelation last week that I would actually be paid for writing about my otherwise altruistic trip on public transportation) I repeated my journey to work by bike and bus despite the mid-20s pre-dawn temps. And I won't be paid a dime. And it was really effin cold when I got up to speed on the Curtlo (that's my ride.) So Julie, I hope it was a step toward restoring your faith in me. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go have the tip of my nose and three fingers amputated due to frostbite.

Nah, it wasn't that cold. It actually kept me from being too sweaty when I got here.

Who else tuned into American Gladiators last night? Yeah, me neither. Actually, curiosity got the best of us and we did watch a few minutes of it at the end. You know what? Not a single mullet! No shit! And you can't blame that on the writer's strike. What does that leave us with? Basically it's MXC without the giggly Japanese contestants or the hilarious over-dub play-by-play of Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship. In other words, nothing. TV sucks.

I'll leave you with the far-eastern ridiculousness of MXC, nee Takeshi's Castle.


nancypearlwannabe said...

There were no mullets, but that wolf dude with the eyeliner? Fuh-reaky. I was actually angry at how bad that show was.

Chris said...

MXC really should be on primetime network TV. Surely people would find it more entertaining than Deal or No Deal.

Allie said...

Did he say rectal shaver at one point or was I hearing things?

I would totally watch this if it were on network.

ck said...

thanks for the comment at the wigshop! i forgot my gloves walking out the door this morning, so it was a cold ride on klein to work. i could barely bend my pinky fingers by the time i got there.
and sorry, 1978 isn't the answer, but thanks for playing!

Courtney said...

I, for one, was not at all surprised that American Gladiators was lame. I hope the network cans it as soon as the writer's strike is over and we have some decent scripted TV to watch again.

Severo said...

just when i had given up hope for you Mickey, you give us a dose of MXC and all is right with the world again. don't toy with my affections so.

Noelle said...

So does that mean I can stop commenting? Because I really have nothing to say about American Gladiators. Other than I LOVED that show when I was a kid. Any attempt to revive it without Nitro is dead to me.

Mickey said...

My god, Noelle. You remember Nitro? Very impressive. Yeah, I thought it was a really cool show when I was ten as well. I'm no longer ten.

And of course you can stop commenting. Your link will be preserved, but I will be utterly destroyed.

ck- Gloves are a must, my man.

Severo- I can't be sure, but I may have been put on this earth specifically to toy with your affections.

Allie- Yes. Yes he did.

Rachel said...

I discovered the awesomeness that is Takeshi's Castle when I was an exchange student in Germany in 2001. The show was in Japanese (or whatever), then dubbed into English, then dubbed into German, so you couldn't really understand what anyone was saying because three languages were coming at you at once.

I would one day like to name a pet Guy LeDouche.

Aaron said...

Honestly, what more can be said about American Gladiators Redux, other than I really, really hope they clear up this writer's strike soon. Because seriously.

Also, congratulations to me. I would have commented sooner, but as you know, I was blog-cationing last week. And what a coincidence! I added your blog to my roll this morning before I even read this post.

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