Monday, January 21, 2008

Bonjour de La Plus Jolie Serveuse Denny's

I'm glad this was brought to my attention: We now have 365 days left. Left until what, you ask? Why, until this, of course.

It's not worth discussing at length, really, but I will say that I'm not all that excited because there's no telling what we're going to get on the next go-round. I don't like to get my hopes up, but considering where we're coming from…

The weekend went by Wii-free, once again. I'll get punched in the arm or worse later on for saying it, but Courtney's Great Wii Hunt of 2008 has become a source of amusement for me. Circuit City was mean enough to put an ad in the paper for the blessed machines on Sunday and her hopes were sky-high. She put her shoes on and everything, ready to head out and finally corner one of the little white bastards. Cooler heads prevailed, however, and a quick phone call revealed the sad truth: SOLD OUT. I know it's wrong to have fun with someone else's disappointment, but that's just the kind of guy I am. That damn fool Japanese machine won't be the boss of me!

On the non-disappointing side, we saw There Will Be Blood on Saturday, and there was. Not a whole lot, but there was, sure enough. Very good movie. Mr. Daniel Day-Left Foot Mohican is always a sight to behold and I daresay there hardly would've been a movie if not for him. The whole film is driven by his character and required the kind of performance that DDL and few others can muster. Unfortunately, we now have to wait another 4 or 5 years for him to decide to do another movie, if he's true to form. Paul Dano actually managed to stand out, as well. Keep an eye on that guy.

It was a bit of a culinary weekend, also. I tried out a couple of new (to me) recipes that both worked out well. One was a sprouted lentil and chicken stir fry that came from Dianne's Dishes, while the other was black bean and sweet potato soup. Both were excellent and pretty easy to make. We also enjoyed the new French press Courtney got me for my birthday. Our coffee maker always seems to take freshly-ground top-quality beans and make less than perfect brew. The coffee from the press was excellent, though. Those French know what's up. This last statement will likely elicit an angry diatribe from my friend Hightower, whose Francophobia is deep-seated and not altogether unfounded, the result of his parents' insistence on signing up for an exchange student one year. We'll see if we can get a reaction. Merci.


Noelle said...

A year can be a painfully long time. I think that's about how long it will take for "There Will Be Blood" to make it to the Hudson Valley.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Mick! The french(not good enough to be capitalized) are a usless as the air in a bag of chips used to supposedly protect the chips from crumbling into pieces where the only way to eat them is of course turn the bag upside down and funel them in your mouth then half of them are in your lap becuase the bag was not fully opened and they all collect in the corner and the avalanche begins of chip crumbs landing everywhere exept where you can enjoy the enchanting taste of the the bottom of the bag flavor all becuase of the french. They know how much we love chips and i believe they work at the factories and at night, they smush everybay they can so not one American can enjoy one bag of chips where every chip is fully intact.


Mickey said...

Holy crap! Well done, HT. That was suitably nonsensical with just the right touch of raving mad.

Allie said...

I love Dianne's Dishes! She's awesome!

My sister-in-law just told me that she got one for her husband because she asked at Blockbuster and they told her when the next round of Wii's was coming in. I didn't know they sold them there.

I have to say, I was in the "anything would be better than this" camp for a long long time, but while this is horrible horrible horrible, I am starting to fear what could be just as bad. And I am so disgusted by the way the news media is narrowing down our candidates for us.

Vermont is making noises about secession. . .

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm sorry about Courtney's Wiitastrophe. I'd offer to let you come over and play mine but it's kind of a long flight. I'd also offer to pick one up from the giant piles of them they have laying around at the Targets here in MA, but then I'd probably just end up playing with two of them rather than sending it your way.

em said...

i love a french press! yum!
i heard an interesting story on npr this morning about surgeons using wii-s for training. i have not played one myself, but then again the last video game i played was that vice city game came out on playstation.

Aaron said...

Ha, it's true, as if the title was soothingly assuring the viewer, "Oh, no, sit tight. There will be blood, I promise. You just hang in there, and there will be a nice, crimson pool spreading from someone's head."

What a fucking awesome movie (that seemed to perplex and frustrate half the theater).

Jacob said...

You know the photo of the cup with the brown swirls on my blog? That's from a french press, or the aftermath, anyway.

Why doesn't Courtney just order one off of Amazon? She can probably even get free shipping because of the price.

Julie said...

Je suis alle a Target hier soir et j'ai vue une femme avec un Wii dans ses mains. J'aurais du lui donner un coup de pied et prendre le Wii pour Courtney mais je suis mechant. Dommage.

Chris said...

I'm confused. Does Hightower hate the French or the potato chip companies?

The black bean and sweet potato soup sounds interesting (I mean that in a good way). I've been kind of wanting to try some kind of soup or stew with sweet potatoes in it.

Mickey said...

noelle- Do you mean to say that Knoxville rocks harder than Poughkeepsie?

hightower- Dude.

allie- Of course you love Dianne's Dishes. I got it from your site!

NPW- Why does everyone else just have stacks of the damn things in their local stores?

em- So they don't use the board game "Operation" anymore to train surgeons?

aaron- Awesome, indeed. But I admit to still being somewhat perplexed by certain parts of the film. That makes me like it even more, though.

jacob- I thought that's what that was. It's a very cool photo.

julie- You are a dork.

chris- Hightower hates them both, but to him, the French are to blame for all of the world's ills. I can share that recipe if you want (for the food, not HT's hatred; the latter is a recipe best not shared).

Julie said...

I know you are but what am I.

Jacob said...

Yay, someone besides me got called a dork! That just made my day.