Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Brother's on my back

For some reason, I can no longer copy and paste my posts from Word into Blogger from my work computer. I think the problem must be related to my struggles with deleting comments earlier this week. They both are probably related to the "Webwasher" in our system that has already blocked me from doing online crossword puzzles and accessing some music sites. It even blocked that picture of the guy playing kickball in the ridiculous unitard that I had linked in my post from a while back. Now, I fear, Webwasher is chipping away at my blog.

This is an unwelcome development indeed. At the very least, I can no longer type my posts about ICW while she's sitting right here talking to me because she is under the impression that I don't have a blog. She can never know about this blog, and I worry she'll recognize the "new post" screen on blogger. The only reason I'm typing this right now is that she's not around at the moment. Of course, if I eventually lose my ability to access this blog while at work altogether, I will have no reason to even come to work anymore. Blogging and reading blogs are my primary activities while on the clock. What's a guy to do?

Anyhoo, ICW is getting another pit bull. That's the news of the day. Did I tell you about the dogs? She loves dogs more than people (Who wouldn't, given her background?), but seems to trade them around like baseball cards. Just a month ago, when she got her first pit, she had to give away the two chihuahuas she had because they weren't adjusting to the cuddly new killer in their midst. The pekingese doesn't seem to mind, though. (Dammit, she's back. Gotta type in short bursts now when she's not looking.) Oh, and her husband showed up the other night (she put him out last week) and trashed the house. ICW called the cops but they couldn't really do much because they're still married and no physical abuse had occurred (yet).

As contrast, I have had absolutely no confrontations this week nor bartered for any animals. That's why my posts are about other people. Simplify, Simplify.


Courtney said...

I still say you can't really be a dog lover if you're willing to get rid of your own dogs for replacement dogs at the drop of a hat. She doesn't love the dogs themselves, she loves getting new things - purses, shoes, dogs, whatever.

Maybe she can train the pit bulls to bite her husband in the nards next time he wants to come over.

Severo said...

I have to say that after reading the title of this post as "Big Brother's on my back" i was really excited to read it but was sorely disappointed that the content was nothing like i was expecting... what? i'm just saying.

Jacob said...

You can e-mail posts to your blog. How about trying that? In the setup pages there's a place where you set up your blog e-mail address. It'll force you to use with the Xs being replaced by whatever secretive code or word you choose. Then you set it to post live from that address or to post to the saved list. Either way, it's just as effective as copying and pasting. You just type in the e-mail instead of the word processor.

Julie said...

I would question her choice of preferred animal if not for her particular circumstances.

And I second Courtney's declaration. When dog lovers give up their animals, it because the dog tries to eat the new baby or they've been forced to move to outer Mongolia where the dog will not have a reasonable opportunity to frolic or pee.

You could say that she loves the idea of dogs. Or that she loves owning dogs.

Allie said...

Yeah, I could not imagine ever ever ever even considering giving up my dog. He's family. But I can see why she might feel safer at home with a pit bull than she would with two ankle biters. I remember reading about an organization that pairs protection trained German Shepherds with women in domestic violence situations for that very purpose.