Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogged to death

Courtney, my girlfriend, has announced on her own blog, Malfeasance, that she will write a post a day for the entire month of November. Though not explicitly stated as such, I take this as a challenge. See, I have this crazy idea that if anyone can do something, I can. I guess all those self-empowering posters featuring the likes of Clifford the Big Red Dog and Big Bird that hung in the halls of my elementary school really had a lasting effect. For example: Tiger Woods isn’t any better at golf than I am, he just plays more. It sounds like arrogance but I apply it to everyone else, as well. I believe that we are each capable of achieving the same things, within certain genetic limitations, of course. Courtney will probably never dunk a basketball on a regulation goal, due to her height, but maybe she has enough fast-twitch muscle fiber in her quads to, with a shit-load of training, come close. We’ll likely never know.

I can jump as high as Courtney, and I can also come up with a new idea on 30 consecutive days, starting with what you are reading now. Granted I probably will never win 13 major championships as Tiger has thus far, but if I hit the links more than once or twice a year, who knows? Has Tiger ever entertained any one of you for an entire month? And no, daily searches on the internet for pictures of his wife don’t count.

And so, in the spirit of National Blog Posting Month (or so Courtney claims) I take up this challenge which was never extended. I, unlike that one-trick-pony Eldrick Woods, endeavor to entertain you in some small way each day for the next 30. (And don’t forget to check out Malfeasance, ‘cause it was her idea.)


Courtney said...

But you will never be as good at grammar as I am. A lasting "affect?" Come on, Mick. Effect. E.

And it wasn't my idea; I got it from lots of other blogs. But I'll be happy to take credit if you like.

Also: Ask me a question.

Mickey said...

Damn. It was just a matter of time before I slipped up, and even less time before Courtney called me on it. Damn. I'm taller than her, though.

Chris said...

Should be an entertaining month. I'm already dreading the psychological downer when it ends.