Monday, November 5, 2007


In my lists of top five songs and albums from last week, I committed a glaringly heinous oversight that requires immediate correction. Of course my top fives are constantly changing and I started second-guessing my picks before I had even posted them, but I can’t let this one slide. On my list of top five albums, insert this wherever you like; it may even be my favorite album:

"Teenager of the Year," by Frank Black. His second solo effort, this album contains 22 songs and not a single note of filler. It is the climax of Black’s unparalleled ability to combine incredible pop hooks with bizarre lyrics and some vicious screams thrown in for good measure. Almost every song here is radio-ready and almost none of them, save "Headache," received any airplay, but I can sing every single word to every single one of those 22 songs, except for some of those screams where I just can’t hang.

I’m sure most people are unaware of this album and couldn’t give two craps about my top fives anyway, but I had to right this injustice. And no, I won’t count this as my post for today. It’s just a correction.


Courtney said...

Gasp! I am shocked.

Julie said...

I demand a correction to your correction. You added a "top five" but that made it a top six. Who gets knocked off the list?

Mickey said...

Dammit, Julie! Fine. Get rid of Dirt, if you must. Whatever it takes to get Frank on the list.

Julie said...

See? That wasn't so hard, was it?