Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are they too busy eating McRibs or something?

I spent much of the morning clicking the hell out of the NaBloPoMo Randomiser and learned three things:
1. If you think the most interesting thing you do is either knit or scrapbook or either one of those words appear in the title of your blog, you are sad. These are fine hobbies, but, unless you own a yarn factory, they are not passions.
2. I, along with much of the world, am not impressed by the simple fact that you have children. Making babies is an exceedingly normal, even cliché thing to do that, like knitting, does not make you interesting.
3. Guys don’t blog.

It was the third point that kept me clicking. Over the course of maybe an hour total, I Randomised my way to the blogs of exactly two other men. One was 54 years old and quite interesting; the other seemed like a complete dork. He could be a cool guy, but he sure didn’t write like one. I’ve never really been a guy’s guy (meaning I don’t laugh at either Larry the F’n Cable Guy or Tim Allen), but I’ve also never really gotten into knitting, scrapbooking, or child-worship and I will never, ever describe myself as a foodie. We all eat food and enjoy it. Again, not interesting.

All of this blog-surfing has led me to the following conclusion: The average blogger is female and only has time to blog because she doesn’t have anything else to do because even she must be tired of knitting. This excepts, of course, the blogs I regularly read and comment on, all authored by fascinating and otherwise occupied people. I know there are blogs out there of the male persuasion, some of which are linked from the few blogs I regularly visit, but we seem to be a very small minority. What’s up, fellas? There are enough Carrie Bradshaw wannabes out there in blogland, so do your part!

I just totally invalidated my Man Card with that last reference, didn’t I? That’s all right; the results of my personality test in 11th grade psychology class came up androgynous, anyway. It just means I have a penis but I’m a good listener. Go figure.


Noelle said...

Last year I was on the same mission during NaBloPoMoFo: to find a guy who blogs. After searching for something good for a while, I settled on reading Funky Carter, and that's been rewarding. Now that you pop by and comment, that means that there are at least two guy bloggers out there that are okay. And a lot of women. We're just so damn introspective, I guess. (And yes, I did give up knitting.)

Chris said...

Damn, Mickey. I was kind of thinking of going for a Carrie Bradshaw style in my blog, for lack of other interesting post ideas. Now what?

Ooh. How bout this? I'll take up some vintage video game, say TechnoBowl (sp?), and play until my fingers bleed. And I'll keep detailed statistics on every team and player in my league and post those stats on my blog.

No, no, wait. Ryan actually knows a guy who did this, minus the posting to the Internet. He just kept notebooks.

Meaghan said...

Carrie Bradshaw makes me cringe. No self-respecting GOOD writer makes enough money to afford a fabulous apartment with a walk-in closet in the middle of Manhattan, Prada pumps and martinis every night. Plus, she's played by Sarah Jessica Parker who has a horse face...

Rachel said...

#2: You are absolutely correct. Some parents I know are funny, smart people who realize the rest of the world doesn't want to hear about their kid being potty-trained ... and then there are the other ones. You know, the ones who make me never want to have children lest I turn into a baby-talking, poop-covered simpleton whose high point of the day is getting to read Cosmo while Junior is napping.

That is all.

Jacob said...

Yeah, I can't believe that there is someone who posts on your blog and doesn't acknowledge me as a another fine male blogger. I'll be humble here and say that I'm the second best (behind Mickey of course) and only because Chris blogs at something just shy of a geologic time scale (I'd almost pay for his posts if he wrote more often), but I am definitely a third male blogger. Oh, wait. She said "something good." That may rule me out. I've trained you guys to understand me and Meaghan peeks in for the thrill of trying to figure out what the rest of you see in me, but I'm not sure the uninitiated would get my posts. I find that hard to understand, though. I find myself so infinitely fascinating.

Mickey said...

So do we, Jacob. So do we.